What is annealing process and how it is changing the starch property for final product?

What is annealing process and how it is changing the starch property for final product? Kindly explain with one such example of food products

I would like to know about annealing process advances in it so far.

That question is more of an theoretical importance( Physical Chemistry of Starch)than a practical product development problem or solution.
To me what I remember from.Food Chemistryclass during my universityyears, ,Starch annealing is just hydrothermal treatment of starch to slightly modify its properties which often had limited practical applications compared to other commercially established starch treatment system.
I have used starchy products for decades across various fields in ranging from bakery, confectionery, and snack NPD/R&D and this annealing process was the least of my concern compared to chemical modifications of starch. In all those years I have interacted with other starch experts from firms that make special starches and they seldom discuss starch annealing when they teach you how use their starch products.
You can read a plethora of technical papers about :starch annealing:in the web and in the library about it. .They can explain more in detail to your heart’s content. than a by sentence or paragraph from. someone. Maybe other posters may copy or link the article from the web and it still boils down that you have to study it by yourself.to fit your own understanding and its importance to what you intend to use it for…:wink:
Futher from an industrial point annealing is less economically viable process than the cheaper starch modification which alters the starch properties significantly that can be immediately translated to a particular starch application.
This confirms the fact that starch annealing had less practical value than starch modification.which is given greater emphasis in the food processing industry.
Finally starch annealing to what is worth is for “academic talking points only”.:slightly_smiling_face: