What happen to sugar crystals during baking process?

When we made some baked product with sugar – what does happen to sugar during baking?
When we we mix sugar with the other ingredients before baking, does the sugar crystals dissolve? And during the baking process does the sugar re-crystallize again? When we take a bite from the baked product – the sugar crystals dissolves again in the saliva?


During baking, mainly during ingredients mixing sugar dissolve in other ingredients and gets dispersed into the various layers of the dough and its correct to say its virtually everywhere.
Sugar dissolves and changes from solid to liquid form making it easier to disperse across the fodd layers.
Its also right to say minute amounts do crystallised…but in the presence of ingredients like butter, blueband, which have high fat content and when melted, form a thicker layer than sugar solution…form a protective layer around hence low heating to it causing almost no sugar recrytrallisation .

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It depends on what type of baked product you make, the available moisture and the mixing process.
Please specify the baked products you had in mind and the amount of sugar in relation to flour ,so it can be answered precisely .

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