What are the main Criteria to include in monitoring of pH in Meat & Water?

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I have just purchased a HI98163 Professional Portable Meat pH Meter, and want to build a working document/sop in monitoring in our Butchery and Small-Goods factory (Meat Processing Plant).
I have set up CP (control points) and CCP within our plant and have our Meat Processing plant which is a cold chain operation to be HACCP certified. Can someone please help me, on how best I can utilise into our codex HACCP program, and what control points and limits to look into?

@warendo.soer please don’t wait for answers

If you just cate to practice initiative and search the the web ,there are many articles related to meat pH .
It was listed the Narrow pH range of best quality meat which us 5.7 to 6 0…
You can glean many important points that fit your needs in the web…

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