Water purification

Hello fellow food technologists and scientist
Can someone explain the principle behind the separation of impurities in water by boiling process.

Boiling just break down the temporary hardness by allowing these dissolved minerals to settle down.Drives off dissolved gases as well as sterilizes the water making it potable.
BTW those lots of particulates are removed by ,sedimentation alum.treatment as well as filtration.


What do you mean by boiling process ? If you want to soften your water that you will use in SS process tanks , pipes etc you should treat your city water before entire to plant with UV filtration , Carbon filters to catch cloride and softener units to minimize caco3 and mg as Roy mentioned . Otherwise you will see many small leakage points in your process .

Temporary hardness of water is what is removed by boiling…that’s much point…

First time I heard this , do you mean that water will be boiled then cooled then stocked in another table then sent to the process pipelines jackets? Other wise boiled water is not applicable for food process, and it will accelerate corrosion if high temperature forced to be stayed in pipes or tank jackets. For sure , you know this .

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I don’t really mean water for industrial production. I was just asking the phenomenon behind it, Roy has given the answer

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