Waste generated at restaurant

Last weekend I went to kolachi do dariya l saw a restaurant management being a food technologist its my duty to observed and check quality of food, packaging and management and how they treat their customers.

a) The package made from paper and cardboard box.
b) Minimum two layers of packaging were used for each food items.
c) Servers provide the utensils, condiments and napkin the were packaged in paper bags
 I sat 30 minutes and saw 6 people come in 30 minutes
 People threw away bags, wrapping paper from cheese burger and used napkins as well as condiments
 Estimate the total number of customers per day as following
 6 Multiply by 2 and then its multiple it by the number of hours per day the restaurants is open
62 = 12. 1230 = 360
 Multiple this result by the number of trash cans per restaurants.
360* 5 = 1800
 Finally multiple by 2 obtain the total to obtain. The total number of customers per day.
180022 = 7200
 Based of this estimated following item would be thrown away each day
2 cup, 4 straws, 2 trays, 3frie package, 2 wrapping paper, 4 napkins 3 condiments:
20*7200 = 144000