Wafer cone production formula and sodium borate

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I need help about wafer cone / ice cream cone production. I do not enough data about formula but i heard that some producers use sodium borate and i know that this ingredient is not allowed for food production. What is the function of sodium borate in wafer cone dough and what is the alternatives of it ?

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Do consider using materials/ ingredients that are allowed in food preparation.
Please also check this book: Chapter 3- Chapter Three - Recipes for No/Low Sugar Wafers [Karl F.Tiefenbacher]
in Book [The Technology of Wafers and Waffles II] Recipes, Product Development, and Know-how 2019, Pages 29-53


Really good resources. Thank you @nanoscientist

Borax or sodium tetra borate is used in old recipes of baked goods like wafers and some biscuits to improve texture.
Chemically borax interacts with starch to form a crosslink, so it improves the gel strength as well as water binding abilities which the end effect when starch paste is dried it enhance crispiness…
If that is your target so you can add commercial modified orcross linked starch( like starch phosphate) as part of your wafer formulation from 5 to 10% based on flour.
Supposing you are using 100 parts flour and 20 starch ,then half of the starch is on modified starch such as starch phosphates ( preferably derived from wheat)…


Thank you for explaining, Modern Fibre ex wheat Fibre etc are added now to prevent breakages when in transport etc. Many producers wanting to move away from Borax.

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Borax is actually banned in some countries (even its not allowed to purchase for general use -like people use it for detergent making as well).

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