Vitamin C lyposome

Has anyone innovated vitamin C lyposome, need some guidance on this.

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Liposomes as how I understand it are sort of a nano if not submicron"protective pouch" of hydrophobic layers made up of phospholipid substance surrounding a nutrients needed by the living organism as its travels around the cell to provide sustenance .
If you say vitamin c liposomes then it implies vitamin C coated and protected by liposomes so it can be taken and its not immediately degraded as its traverses our physiological system until it reaches the part where its required.
Therefore the principle is the same as industrial encapsulation of substances that are sensitive to premature degradation like encapsulated flavors used in food processing which the most stable flavors to use.
I think there is much information in the web about it as the practical.and technological use of liposomes was well known many years back.
I suggest do a web search for background and application information
Try surfing " Liposomal Encapsulation Science or Technology…".