Vegan substitute for emulsifier 471 and 477

Hello everyone,

Could anyone suggest a vegan substitute for emulsifiers 471 and 477 to be used in making a vegan cake packet mix?

I think its not practical project Never heard of vegan certified emulsifiers. .
The best way to try is to check out cake emulsifiers suppliers … like Danisco- Ingredion,Futura emulsifiers
Kerry Ingredients, Palsgaard,etc if they can supply you with such specifications…
I remember there are already so called clean label emulsifiers like E471,but not yet E477…You need a blend prepared specifically for cake mixes for superior aerating performance.
Many of these emulsifiers contain animal fat,If you want vegan source ,you will have to buy at least 40 foot container load ,(20 to 30 tons) to make it worthwhile for the manufacturer to create your requirements .Keep in mind as its expensive to get vegan certified raw materials you might have to pay double or more for the end product… i.e…your cake emulsifiers…
Palsgaard is making powdered emulsifiers for cakes .Go to their website and contact them.
Maybe India where many people are vegetarian and vegan can help.Try to contact Fine Organics as they are the leading emulsifiers manufacturer in India.
Good luck…

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Wow that was a great information. I cannot thank you enough sir.

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Dear Mrs Bonita,

There are some fiber-cellulose based compounds, exactly to replace E471 and E477.
There are succesful application on home made mixture for ice creams, cakes and soups.

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"There are some fiber-cellulose based compounds, exactly to replace E471 and E477. "


Having worked with emulsifiers and leavening agent,bakery additives for many years , (since the 1990s)s and fabricated my own emulsifier mixes for bakery applications; in my experience cellulose fiber can never replace the functional performance of fat based surfactants due to dissimilar effect and properties in terms of aeration, crumb softening,volume and texture improvements
The OP as I understand works as a consultant for institutional client that needs such vegan type surfactants for cake premixes.

There are types of cakes - where celluloses-fibers can mimic effectively particulary emulsifiers.
We have to take into consideration which application, what percentage of oil will be used, time of mixing time. Reaching the same specific gravity as emulsifiers - reaching same volume (classic rapeseed measurent method).

Since, I am responsible in the R&D of my company, in which we manufacture raw materilas with common emulsifiers, we also develop emulsifier free bakery wares, vegan based.
We have already launched a premix for ice cream - Emulsifier free, based on clean label ingredients which are fiber based solutions.

In.my long experience, cellulose fibers works as thickening agents , stabilizers like other hydrocolloids not as surfactants…I don’t see any aerating qualities in fibers in the same level as as fat based surface active agents in active alpha polymorph which stabilizes cake batter emulsion, lowers batter gravity,improves volume and other attributes…