Vegan ice cream development

Hi all,

I am currently developing a vegan ice cream (legally a vegan frozen dessert). I was wondering if anyone can advise on the right choice of preservatives, emulsifiers and stabilisers that can go well with this product. It is a natural and organic product. Hence adding igredients for extending shelf life and obtaining a great texture could be challenging.

I am still in the R&D phase and have been experimenting with a few ingredients to form the base first. Subsequently when the base is ready, I shall incorporate the flavours.
Quick brief on the ingredients I am planning to use -

base/milk or cream - coconut milk, coconut cream, almond milk, almond butter, cocoa butter, cashew milk/butter

base/protein - pea, brown rice protein

stabilisers - guar or Xanthan or gellan

Appreciate your suggestions. Thank you.

Natural, Organic and , Vegan ice cream is a challenging R&D project conducted by food scientist that have no background in standard dairy based ice cream product development.
You should familiarize first in the technology of normal icecream before you divert to non dairy vegan version.
The ingredients requirements itself is not easy as its difficult to find additives that satisfy the three condition of your project:Natural, Organic and Vegan…
Just think of the ingredients below if it can satisfy your 3 conditions…
Basing from practical ice cream formulation. You can’t just use ordinary coconut oil, nut butters ,normal vegetables proteins ,and a melange of emulsifiers ( mono -diglycerides , polysorbates,)and stabilizers ( gums like locust, guar, k carrageenan).buffering salts like citrate and phosphates). If you don’t have a knowledge of balanced proportion to give you optimal results .You need to use a proprietary blend from ice cream specialist additives.
An example is:Cremodan -30 from.Danisco that you should use instead.
In ice cream you need a highly soluble protein, the practical non dairy protein that compares well with milk protein in ice cream formulation is a special pea protein isolates like the one made by Roquette in France called Nutralys which you can blend with other vegetable protein as the foaming agent to enable you to satisfy your requirements.
You will have to use a purified coconut oil along with some compatible hardened coconut or palm kernel oil so your product will have pleasant mouthfeel.
As sweeteners,you need a blend of sucrose, high DE glucose syrup(62 DE) Glucose syrup solids with DE value of 25 to 30), dextrose monohydrate, invert syrup or HFCS 65.
The easiest way for you is seek the help of those two mentioned companies( Danisco and Roquette)as they had the knowledge base and technology how to use their products for your SPECIFIC project…
They can even recommend satisfactory formulation to try on.


Thank you so much for the inputs. Let me do a few trials and update the results here. Appreciate your help.