Vanilla Powder

Please I need advise. Vanila beans are dark in color…how is white vanilla powder made?

Since you mentioned vanilla beans i guess you are referring to natural vanilla powder
It could be the issue of refining to remove the dark pigment from the vanilla pods just as like in sugar where we have white sugar, this is similar to issues like of cooking oils
On the other hand the white vanilla powder could also be synthetic/ artificial. Which is mainly made of the vanillin and or Ethylvanillin and carries like dextrose

These cheap white vanilla powder flavor They are made from.vanillin and ethylvanillin which are off white crystals pulverized and mixed with white filler. .

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Natural Vanilla Essence is made from Vanilla Bean extraction with alcohol and does appear brown, this is mainly because it is wholelly derived from.

Vanilla sugar made from bean would be brownish and have some leave of spec behind in grind.

Vanilla Flavour powder being of natural or artifical flavour would not be and would be made up of other natural or natural identical or artificial ingredients, preperations or natural or artificial Aroma chemical aingredients as mentioned by other replies. In Natural Vanilla Powder Flavour depending on regional legislation, would contain a fraction of Natural bean, extract or Vanilla oleoresin, hence the whiter colour.