Traditional wine production

Hello fellow food scientist.
I am producing a wine locally using mango fruit. The wine is undergoing production process I.e fermentation. I use yeast (saccharomyces cerevisae) as the fermentation agent. I do take the pH on daily basis.
I need your suggestions and opinions on the production.
Is there anyone who knows how the alcohol content can be determined.
Thanks in anticipation


U can estimate by level of production of CO2 as long as CO2 release it indicates alochohol is increasing

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A simple procedure:
1.Use a hydrometer dipped into a cylindrical glass container filled with the liquid( i.e. your brew to be fermented and after being fermented ,)to be measured.
2 .Measure the Initial and Final reading.
3. Compute using this formula
(IG -FG) X 131.25 = your alcohol reading in percent by volume.
The value 131.25 is empirically derived constant factor…
Good Luck…

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Thanks Roy, I am very grateful.
But is there no other methods that involves considering the pH for the alcohol content. I don’t have hydrometer

That’s the simplest way I know .practiced by small time craft beer and winemakers .AFAIK.pH reading can’t be equated to alcohol content…

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