Specific gravity method

What is specific gravity method of food analysis and it’s applications.

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Specific gravity method is generally used in dairy and beverage (alcoholic beverages) industries for the detection of water or adulterated water in the milk or other products or raw material. Like in dairy industry lactometer is used for determining the specific gravity of milk.


Can you provide a more detailed information regarding this? Would be very helpful. Thank you

Detailed contents on theory or practical or its application in food industry ?

theory and applications. or if u can give me some reference where i can read this topic

Hi, you could have a look at the following link for the use of specific gravity in milk:
Hope this helps!
In addition, it is also used in condensed milk manufacturing for conversion to Baume degrees. I dont know the details of it. But someone who has worked on condensed milk could help.

Specific Gravity is used to measure alcohol content during the preparation of distilled liquors…

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