Sodium citrate from starch

Anyone has idea on Production of sodium citrate from starch? Process, formulations, e.t.c.will be appreciated

Technically you can’t produce sodium citrate directly from starch .This is an organic/ Industrial chemistry system.
You first have to make citric acid which is derived mostly by fermentation process.
Often the medium used are sugars like ,molasses,cellulose pulp from vegetable waste materials, and starch.The most common microbe responsible for fermentation are aspergillus species…
If you start from.starch as raw material, sugars are initially used which prime the fermentation before it can it can start digesting the starch polymer .
Then the citric acid which results its absorbed/ neutralized with lime forming calcium citrate,
Upon acidification with H2SO4 release citric acid .
Now you want to produce sodium citrate, you have to mix citric acid iwith sodium carbonate…
Or you can theoretically do metathesis…
Double decomposition of calcium citrate with sodium carbonate will displace the citrate and attached to the sodium ion forming sodium citrate and calcium carbonate.

@Morris Try to understand first the chemistry of citric acid manufacturing before you delve into sodium citrate production…
FYI thats an industrial chemistry subject not food science.
Just lucky for you I,being a trained chemists aside from food science I understood the cutric acid synthesis .

Thanks alot. Can this-fermentation be achieved with a bioreactor? Do you have any link, procedures and process to follow to convert starch to citric acid?

I still remember it from organic chemistry and industrial chemistry subjects many many years back in the university, its easy to derive if you are chemically minded…
It should be available in the web in a more detailed manner if you are passionate enough to find it.
Just use the keyword “Citric acid manufacture”…

I already give you a concise method.,its up to your diligence to fill it up with details.
In the presence of internet its should be easier now than during my university years 4 decades back…where we have to rely on paper based books and journals for references.