Silver color coated dragees

Kindly refer me the color and chemicals to make silver color or lustre coating on sugar balls. I want to make silver color calls like that of attached pics.

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there is no photo in your post. you can use Merck Silver Luster.

Kindly recommend any other supplier or chemicals and colours from Merck is extremely expensive.

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please attach some dragee photos which you want.

You should find edible pigments that create luster effect ,There are edible and non edible versions for that.Many silver and gold luster coating are non edible .Your local Cake Decorations material suppliers should be your first priority as they often sell those luster paints and pigments .Many of them contain titanium.dioxide which recently are under review AFAIK as potential carcinogen and nanoparticle hazard .

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I need the lustre color like that of attached pics

Taimoor the idea is clear…about luster coating which is generic in the confectionery industry. I think I have done that also during the panning of dragees during my confectionerywork years ago.
If you ,yourself knows about glazing materials and coating for dragees you can contact your confectionery ingredients supplier in your country and that includes cake decorations shops as well that deals with those goods.

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Plz suggest me the source of glazing material and lustre color suppliers or their manufacturers.

I think you’re from Pakistan .I don’t know if you have local suppliers from Renshaw of UK and Wilton from
USA…As you complained about Merck due to their prices ,you will not like this expensive UK and US suppliers as well…:slightly_smiling_face:
Why don’t you try looking from your local suppliers like all cake supplies and shopping bag…
It’s right " virtually" in your doorstep…
You can even search the web using the keyword"Edible Luster dust " so you will have first hand information that you can use for your decision .

I need the lustre color to make coated balls either thru hot and cold panning. I need the color manufacturer details as needed in bulk qty with solution of coating. I already do coating of colored balls with different food colours. Bakery ingredients suppliers are not manufacturers as they r distributers with no coating knowledge.

Then you should search it yourself as what is easily accessible are retailers…You need to make your own digging and don’t wait to be spoonfed with information.
When I was using those materials before I get from retailers.
You want to go big time.Indiamart and China Alibaba might help you as they can link you up to manufacturers
If you are still unsatisfied always
Remember Google is your friend…

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