Shredded Halva

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to make shreaded halva ( which has hairy texture) but I’m getting a hard and chewy texture, can anyone help how to make it crispy.
Sugar/ water ratio is 75:25, boiling up to 150c
Tahini 35%
and I’m adding citric acid, not sure if it’s playing with boiled syrup texture !!

Many Thanks

Try to decrease water and increase cooking temperature.

And low pH makes it chewy.

I reached 180C in my last trial, still hard but less chewy, not crispy at all…

What about pH? And what is the water content of final product?

Citric acid is 0.1%, when I don’t add it the syrup crystalize when i reach 150, so not sure what to replace it with

I didn’t check water content, is there any standard?

Invert sugar but amount is very important, if it is high it will be chewy.

Do you have a photo of your product?

I’m sorry I’m not able to attach it here using mobile.

the product you want is in the video, am i right?

Yes very similar, but tahini is incorporated in my product while in Pismaniye it’s not

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Do you follow all process in the video?

Yes, but we incorporate tahini at the stage when the cooked mass is kneaded and turns to white color, after that we start threads forming

Imm, Can tahini’s oil effect crispy texture?

Well the product is available in the market and it is soft and crispy :), I’m trying to figure out is it cooking temperature or does glucose addition helps, what about additives that can be added and help the texture??

no, it makes it more chewy, elastic.

i think you need low water, higher pH, long kneading time for fibrous texture.

Ok thanks for sharing your thoughts :pray:t2:

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You may want to play around sugar:water ratio, brix, pH etc because that is exactly what is optimized for preparation of gummies. Give attention to the glucose syrup concentration that you are using. And with your issue of chewiness, all these could be worked to reduce that effect.

In Shredded halva you mix the caramel.with soapwort extract ( as an aerating agent ) to create those fine hairy texture. When beaten together with the syrup.
Caramel syrup alone can’t do that .
I remember…
There are articles in the web about it…try surfing " halva production "…for more details…