Seasoning processing with Hydrogenated fat

Hello fellow food scientist,
I need ideas from you about how I can mix hydrogenated fat with other powder ingredients.
I am trying to process seasoning cubes but I am finding it difficult to blend the hydrogenated fat with the other powder ingredients.

what is temperature of ingredients?
machine type?
is fat melted?

Please give us more details?


The fat is not melted.

I am going to use a ribbon mixer, but a. High speed mixer for the premixing

Any video?

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I will send it later

You need to melt the fat and sprayed on the dry mix while mixer is running…
Then its passed through a finisher which chop the lumps into free flowing granules which can then be bagged or packed…


If your powder ingredients are light and smooth it will never be able to disperse the fat pieces uniformly in the blended mixtures. This is more true if your fat had higher melting point…
So you really need to attach a facilty that can melt then sprayit over the dry mix while its blended…


This is so much helpful, very nice .
I will go through it

I am quite sure many fats are available in a powdered form which would make the mxing of this commodity much easier. Maybe something of this nature would work?

Spray Dried Fat Powder | Drytech (

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you can use fat from AAK, akoplanet pbm 30 desinged especially for seasoning.


Okay thanks, I will make some research on it