Room temperature stable chocolate

Please house…how can I produce chocolate that will remain stable in room temperature not hard not melted?
We want to produce peanuts grits in chocolate with bar moulds…please I need advise

If its a compound coating ,use a higher melting point HPKO …in your formulation.

Please Roy can you clarify more for me. I want to mix cocoa powder, milk powder, dates powder and groundnuts grits to produce a snack bar. I want it to be stable not melted at normal room temperature without refrigeration.

Huh…is that how you make it…my suggestion won’t work there.
I thought you make your own chocolate compound with some HPKO ( melting point 36 to 40C) using a ball mill or refiner conche.
Then use it to bind your flavor mixture .

fat selection is very important. what kind of chocolate you would like to make compound or real chocolate? what is your preferred temperature? if compound chocolate, HPKST could be good choice.

Hi Morris

Espically I want to recommand it
1 you can use the tempering process in the your chcolate product
2 you can change to your recepie about oil

İf, you can use my advise in the your product. your issue, it can be to solition.

Instead of using raw sugar di caramel coating

The OP does not understand how chocolate can bind his snack bar… So its useless to suggest ideas that we traditionally know would work,

Fat HPKO 25

Compound chocolate

Ball mill temp 90 degree Celsius for 135 mins

Molding temp 42 degrees Celsius

Cooling tunnel 10 degrees residence time 25 mins