Product development using Fruit peels, particularly Orange

Please I need ideas on product development using Fruit peels, particularly Orange, banana, pineapple and watermelon peels. With write up if possible

please clarify your question. what type product do you want to produce?

Looks like another student project broad in scope and have no idea how and where to start.
The OP.should focus on single particular work on and not scatter her energies on intangibles.
She should delimit his a single project.)so she can work on it easily.
The problem she does not understand what work to be done.


Am writing my research proposal on evaluation of valuable components from selected fruit peel. (i.e., Orange, banana, pineapple and watermelon peels). So I was thinking if can developed a product using those peels, the have natural antioxidant, antimicrobials, pectin and dietary fibers


Dear Maimuna,
Synthetics of nano particle, extraction of bio-active compound may be use full technique for better utilization of food waste i.e. peel. For example, banana starch (peel) can be alternative source, similarly extraction of pigment compound (orange peel) may be used as a natural coloring agent in food.


Thank you so much Mr. Ankan

Make candied desserts in sugar syrup. Google orange peel and watermelon peel candied desserts.

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Thank you Sir

Maimuna you should first know exactly the chemical composition of your materials and what can you extract from it of value.Its no point guessing with blind optimism about fabulous antioxidants and functional food components that might be present .
From there you can focus what you want to achieve.
BTw, never ask about written report as your work should wholly depend upon your own initiative.
You can search the web and your library for background information that will support your work.
What you should focus is a firm goal after you know what components present is of relevant importance to your project.
The interest of other people about your project might not be productive; as you will lack the enthusiasm in working on it to fruition. The idea must come and not dictated by anybody so will be extremely proud once you finish it.


Yes you can, but ultimately when it comes to industrial scalability and revenue, i found it very challenging.
Various factors to consider esp the moisture present in the peels, drying process (whichever type you choose- FD, oven drying etc etc). And converting them to products like cookies or other food products again require equipment investment.
Fermentation of the peels is another method.
So with my experience i could achieve some on a lab scale, but on an industrial scale the solution might face challenges.
Yes, as mentioned by others the AO, bioactives, fiber, phenolics, color etc are good constituents available from these materials. And Sustainability being a hot ongoing topic, most countries are looking into this aspect where we have tons of food waste being composted or incinerated. thanks

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Thank you Sir. But am not adding this information in my research already have my aim and objectives. I just want to know how to utilize them in my kitchen instead of throwing them. Someone gave me ideas on making candies with orange and watermelon peels. I search for it on YouTube and watched how to make the candies.

ok great.
THought you are looking for product development strategies on an industry scale…Anyways good luck

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Thank You so much

Try making a Tepache with pineapple peel.
You’ll enjoy the evaluations.

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Maimuna, watermelon peels make great jams. Please see YouTube I really like its texture which is a result of overnight soaking in some calcium solution like baking powder or slaked lime. You can make a similar jam from orange peels as well.