Processing of spices


Any one guide me about green chilli powder ,
I have some questions

  • after sun-drying green chilli color is not much good. How to improve this by adding preservatives during processing?
  • moisture content is more than 1 % which cause lumping after two to three days,

Kindly guide me about green chilli powder processing without any additives and referred me some references as well

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There are research articles in the web that relates the ways to retain dried green chilis Search using keywords" Drying of Green Chili…peppers "…

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What does this mean? Please be more technical.

you can try synthetic or natural anti-caking agents.

And also check this topic please

Chilli powder manufacturing - Product Development - FSTDESK

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After sun drying of green chili ,powder color is change from green to brown color which is not the costumer requirement

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If any one have an experience of green chilli powder manufacturing in jar or pouches kindly guide me as well

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Did you ever care to dig up web articles abour drying of green chili…? You could have learned something about color control…