Processing method for production of different spiced plantain and sweet potatoes chips

Hello guys, I have been working on plantain and sweet potato chips, pls I need general suggestion on different spices and flavour I can develop. Also need ideal on different processing method I can be use to perfect the production.

Spice muxtures for specific delicacies are specific to nations that consume it.You should fabricated it according to your customers specific requirements.
Regarding processing of plantains and bananas there is a vast articles on that in the web if you care to search.Books and journals in post harvest and processing of agricultural products shows it…
Lead the way, develop initiative in doing your search instead of waiting for someone…

In general it depends on where you plan to sell this item. Hence you could first go for a survey with the most popular flavors at your place.
Like for example, list out the flavours in a google sheet and even ask or provide space for people to give her favourite flavour suggestion.
For example, in Asia we might ask for mala, thom yam, curry, spicy, hot peppery, garlicy etc etc.
(There is no one solution for your query - hence try ask around).

Try a sugar free version.

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