Preservation of herbal energy bar

I’m doing a project on herbal energy bar. I have use dates ,oats,banana, sesame seeds,peanut,ashwagandha and honey to make bar . How can I improve self life of my product .

In which way it will be good baked bars or unbaked bars.

Generally speaking Make and process it properly as well put in a good packaging material…

You should have no problems with these ingredients as all of them has low water activity. When you reach your final product measure the total water activity, if it is below 0.6 it should be fine. If more try to bake for a few mins on low to medium temperature just to take out the moisyuntil you reach a Aw value less than 0.6

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If it’s the peanut fat oxidizing that your are considering to avoid try Tocoferol based natural antioxidant

Try adding any natural anti-oxidant. You need to see impact with and without Banana and Peanut as oxidation rate are higher in these.

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