Plant proteins as egg white substitutes!

hello everyone!

I am currently looking for the most most hypoallergenic plant protein that could mimic whipped egg whites in recipes. I have tried to whip aquafaba, dehydrated chickpea powder , potato protein and liquid from canned peas.

Out of all of them potato protein is the most hypoallergenic but in terms of accessibility (in my country) ,price and it’s distinct taste this protein isn’t very attractive.

Suggest your ideas please.

ps. I am looking for a protein or other substitutes (plant, hypoallergenic) that don’t just whip but remain properties of an egg when syrup or sugar is being added to them.


It will be too much of a hassle trying to search for a trivial info about such peculiar requirements that is not a concern of a majority of practical whipping protein users
Plant proteins are not exactly equivalent to animal protein based whipping proteins due to the off taste it can confer and other performance issues

FYI I did some feasibility study in it years back but realized its not worth the effort not anyone I asked for backing would finance such research as its not profitable to cater to a very niche market…

You have so much free time and resources to seek such trivial academic pursuit,then go for it…Don’t bother other people about it

I am already happy with what is available in the food ingredient market for such purpose…

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