Plant based sea food

I’m working on plant based sea food and trying to achieve the texture of an actual animal product.
Can anyone suggest me how to increase the strength or achieve stringiness/fibrosity in the food matrix
Ingredients I’m using is a gelling sibstance and a salt solution with some protein isolates/concentrate , did trials but structure is still weak and fragile.
Please suggest some cooking or processing method or any agent , can dehydrated vegies help?


If its a reconstructed protein type food using plant protein, you are trying to make then using a "meat glue " or transglutaminase enzyme might work…
Have a look at it…


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Hello Utkarsh,
I’m also researching plant-based substitutes for animal products, and I’ve read that calcium dichloride and dipotassium phosphate (emulsifying salts) are typically added to cheese and tofu during production. This firms the protein and gives it a more resilient structure.

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Haha, No. It’s for college research purpose

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