Nutraceutical Peptides from Lactoferrin


Lactoferrin belongs to the transferrin protein superfamily and is a major component of the mammalian innate immune system. Proteolytic cleavage of either human or bovine lactoferrin results in the generation of severalpeptides, most of which manifest the protective activities of Lactoferrin. It is worth noting that these peptides may be naturally produced in the human intestine after milk ingestion. Interestingly, peptides deriving from proteolytic cleavage of Ovotransferrin, a Lactoferrin homologous protein present in reptiles and birds, displays the same protective activities. This mini-review summarizes the most relevant protective activities of peptides deriving from Lactoferrin and Ovotransferrin.

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Giansanti F, Panella G, Arienzo A, Leboffe L, Antonini G (2018) Nutraceutical Peptides from Lactoferrin. J Adv Dairy Res 6: 199. doi:10.4172/2329-888X.1000199

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