Natural herbs extract for whey neutralization

Can anyone help me to tell the procedure of juice extraction of Cynodon dactylon (grass) at home for use in food beverage.

You should study how you extract juice from leaves like lemon grass (Cymbopogon) and pandan (Pandanus Amarilofollius)as that is the same route you will follow for your Bermuda grass,( Cynodon Dactylon) juice extraction.
Now go, do some work on your own project as you already have the idea.

Thanks Roy for your valuable suggestions. I will search related research papers.

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First you should think about composion of whey, nature of whey (from where, from cheese production or solid form as whey protein)
Then think about that grass extract composition

Finally search or refer about following statement
Any negative compound form when whey protein and that grass extract mix and heat or any treatment

Thank you.

I am going to use natural liquid acidic whey for preparation of beverage. I know the soil neutralising properties of Bermuda grass and I want to know the neutralising properties of this grass in food that’s why I am se aching for extraction procedure without using chemicals at home.