Natural flavour and colour to be used in extrusion process

How can I apply colour and flavour in extrusion process? What I have to concern?

I think both will fail Indough… unless you use specific technology like glass encapsulated flavours colo. what kind of extension process are you making pellets snacks? Or cereals ?

Thanks for the info. I’m working on dry pallet food with high protein. The barrel temp is 100-150C - twin screws.

Use spraying machine on the pellet after extrusion

This could work… using a slurry isn’t it? Most red and yellow natural colours have carotenoid that are oil soluble … so spraying then on after your extrusion will do the trick. Carotenoid from paprika extract is quite common. Gives a bright orange colour

You can use paprika oleoresin…but low dosage else you could get a diesel taste…Ideally deodorizerd paprika oleoreain or natural paprika colour…