Molasses communiqué

Molasses communiqué:
In the Turkish food codex, there are two parameters leading to the molasses related to molasses. 1.Parameter pH
The second parameter is Hydroxy Methyl Furfural.The pH of the concentrated grape produced in Turkey and other neighboring countries, from 4 to 4.8, the pH value in spite of this notification should be minimum 5.2 d. sodium bi carbonate is used to raise the ph, or some businesses do so by increasing the ph value of the resin and must.hydroxy methyl furfural ratio is used to keep low thanks to the vacuum boilers used. However, the high consumption of traditional products in the country reduces the demand for healthy and suitable products produced in the factory. A large consumer community is not aware of this pest caused by the breakdown of sugar of fruit acid at high temperatures.
This danger will persist unless the consumption of molasses, which is consumed for breakfast or used as a sweetener in some foods, is replaced by healthy fruit concentrates. According to unofficial data for 2018, the amount of molasses consumed throughout the country is around 30 thousand tons.
Although this local product was tried to be clarified with clay soil taken from nature, it was examined in terms of content and structure in scientific researches, but the deformation during production could not be fully explained.

Molasses production should be saved from local production and directed to production under healthy conditions. Except for certain brands sold in the market that products will continue to scatter poison. Using 100% grape concentrate or fruit concentrate instead of molasses will be more healthy and affordable price.