Millet cakes dates cakes texture and shelf life

Hello good day
I have a question about what is the ingredient used to enhance cakes in general and specially millet flour cakes
The desired texture is to be moist and stable not crumbly and has crusts
The shelf life wanted is 3 months

Basic recipe ingredients without additives and percentage

300 g millet flour
150 g white sugar
150 g milk powder
200 g water
150 g sunflower oil
1 whole egg
10 g baking powder
10 g vanilla sugar

However this is a homemade recipe ingredients what approach to make it a professional industrial ingredient? What ideas is suggested
Gums enzymes glycerol preservatives??
Should the egg be removed?
Should use shorting instead of oil?
What lab tests parameters is ideal for my goal enhance texture and shelf life??

Please advise

Millet is fibrous does not have gluten nor its starch similar to wheat Starch in baking performance of batters.
So I will not count that the additives you mentioned will worked in it.
You should compare the two flours in the same recipe and see if there is a significant difference. If all the attributes favors the wheat flour cake then additives you mentioned are less likely to work in your product.

Thanks for your reply
It is supposed to be a gluten free I forgot to mention that I’m sorry so there is no form of flour is used
In such ingredients what is the possible additives is workable for it?
What should I add to enhance texture and shelf life?

Use gluten free flour for a start and build your recipe from there…Don’t be overly ambitious if you are not knowledgeable how gluten free baked products works…
FYI…gluten free flour is a combination of non wheat or non gluten flour and starches, and even gums…Start from that material and see how it goes if your recipe is successful. Then you can go into extending its shelf life.
Do it step by step, not in a wild jump to the unknown.
Gluten free products are not an ideal candidate for long shelf life cakes as they tend to lose its qualities faster than wheat based baked products upon storage.