Microgel application in food?

Name some foods which tested with microgels application?

please clearify your question.

. Hmm ,Analytically this is how I understand it, , first we start with a a gel is ;which is a state of matter there is a network of structural elements (usually polymers) with a dominant solid structure.When the characteristics of a gel is expressed in minute ( microscopic()scale , then it will become a microgel which possesses polymeric and particle like features…Due to such unique characteristics the microgel behaves like a colloid which like similar material can behave as a surfactant( emulsifier,) stabilizer,and can be pH and temperature sensitive like proteins, polysaccharides and hydrocolloids that possesses such qualities.These materials in solvated state form gels but when dry its like any particle colloids.So the food uses
can be similar functional applications with the aforementioned functional ingredients,So in the applications side microgel specialist like Progel of Australia www.progel.com,au., these materials are used for for encapsulation , in foods and pharmaceuticals like
encapsulaton of omega 3 fatty acids as well as other probiotics,Another thing is the taste masking
of bitter and astringent compounds in food processing,.


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Microgels, nanogels, aerogels are all going to flourish with advancing the utilisation of various hydrocolloids and its stabilisation. Do check this as well:

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