Microbial activity

How can we minimize the microbial activity of date syrup?

Pasteurize or heat treat it before using …


That’s all.

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If heat treatment is applied, will the beneficial nutrients in its content not be damaged?

Look up HPP -High-Pressure Processing - no heat required


Using antimicrobial agents

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Are there any you recommend, specifically an agent thay doesnt have scent or flavor?

Does date syrup not already go through a thermal process when it is made?

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Actually, HPP can be the solution to your salmon egg question.

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if you are implying traditional methods of preparing date syrup using gravity or pressure to obtain syrup,from the fruit then it has high microbial count mostly osmotolerant microbes that can promote fermentation.
Pasteurization won’t inactivate its nutrients and it will remain nutritious to consumers…

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