Meat dry texture issue

i need suggestion of experts
my meat product after retort is dry texture ,i will try to use sodium phosphate or sodium triphosphate solution .by dipping meat chunks for some time and thn forward to further processing like marination cooking etc
so plz guide me that this additive and method is suitable for both beef and chicken legally and scientifically and plz any one know its further detail so plz guide me

May be these are interesting: Wang et al. Chem. Biol. Technol. Agric. (2018) 5:1,
I am basically trying it to modify the noodle texture.
Trying to find out what difference in noodle texture might occur when STPP versus Sodium dihydrogen phosphate is used.

Theoretically, meat protein becomes tough from overcooking. in low moisture environment.
Chefs often marinate meat in suitable marinating solution that includes salt to bind moisture and other condimentsfor flavor and taste…I remember some meat processor add carrageenan and other hydrocolloids to improve moisture retention.
Phosphates when added raise the pH allowing protein to bind moisture…
Each meat is unique and you cannot apply what is good for poultry meat to ruminant livestock.
Each is a specialized treatment…You should consult a meat processing handbook for better guidance…