Mayonnaise and sauces production

Hello everyone! I am excited to see such an interesting website!
My question is how can i extend self life of mayonnaise (now 6 months out of fridge with sorbic acid, lemon juice and vinegar)
and how can I produce sauces out of fridge? ( Now their self life is 3 months and they are refrigerator products with sodium benzoate and sorbic acid).
Do you know an alternative for EDTA?
Edta alone is enough?
Pasteurization process has disadvantages?
Any help would be really appreciated!
Thank you!

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Considering the aim of increasing the shelf life
-How about using pasteurized eggs or pasteurized dried egg powder/ liquid eggs, thus egg related microorganisms are controlled.
Attempted incorporation of any other mild acids (& salts) in addition to acetic acid (vinegar)? Total acidity check would be good
Metals accelerate oxidation of fat, so EDTA is used to chelate the Fe present in egg… Check some details about using citric acid (might have additional functions)? Lactoferrin?
Try some natural AO ingredients as well.


You could look at Chitosan as a natural replacement for EDTA, but I don’t find it overly necessary unless you are looking for a year shelf life.
As mentioned, use pasteurized eggs. Make sure you add all of the acidic ingredients, in the beginning, to bring the pH of everything down before adding oil.
Are you gas flushing? A nitrogen flush will extend your shelf life.


Thanks for your replies!
Yes I am using pasteurised egg yolk and citric acid along with lemon juice! Of course it helps…
I am adding all the acidic ingredients with the last quantity of oil…I believe that this helps with the structure…You are the first to tell me to add it first…
As for the gas flushing you mean a process of deaeration I guess… My machine has a vacuum process that currently doesnt work…I have to spend a lot of money in order to make it work…but I am sure that it will upgrade the products…
Chitosan and lactoferrin I haven’t try them yet…I guess I could research about them and try them!
Currently I want to make the sauces out of fridge without pasteurization and EDTA…

Gas flushing is replacing air in the container with nitrogen or other gas(s) before filling and sealing.
Your emulsion will be as stable or even more stable if you add the acid products first along with getting the neutralizing effect of the low pH to help control pathogens.

Generally under normal technological conditions mayonnaise self life will be for one to one and half year.
In all the process need to pay attention to the control of microorganisms, need to emulsify the system well, to form a good oil in water system.
Usually mayonnaise oil content should will be very high, need to reduce the water content, so as not to breed bacteria and mold.

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Lactic Acid is a modern approach to mayonnaise production and addition of Sodium Lactate can also give shelf life extension.

What sauces are targeted here?

Yes I had that in mind!
Thank you!

Mustard sauce
Cocktail sauce
Roasted sauce
Fry sauce
Aioli Sauce
And a vegan mayonnaise

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Response to @PEICAN
Oh I didn’t know that I could use this technique…I thought it was for other types of products…Can you please send me an example of machine that does that in jars and plastic backets?
I will also try adding the acidic ingredients first to see the results! Doing some research I found out that some factories pasteurise water (80degrees)with salt, sugar etc…let it col to 20 and then add lemon and vinegar and then egg yolk and oil…what do you think of that?
Thank you

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Most filling equipment will have a gas flush option. I like the Unifiller equipment line.
The method you mention seems like a good one to help control bacteria. What type equipment are you using to make the emulsion?

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Our workshop is not very big yet☺️! We are fresh in this business and we have still a lot to learn…
Currently we are using a cutter but we recently bought a homogenizer…we havent started using that yet…
Our filling machine doesn’t support that…:frowning:

Gas flush isn’t crucial but it can help. I’m pretty sure Hellman’s uses gas flush but not all major brands do.

Hello Colleagues,

How do i achieve stable emnulsion in mayonnaise, I have not been able achieve good texture after being played around with different starches. I noticed fat separation

Are you talking about mayonnaise or about Kraft style “salad dressing”?
There shouldn’t be any starches in a mayonnaise.

I actually use grindsted/xanthan as stabliser

Depending on your jurisdiction, it is not mayonnaise if you are using xanthan.

It’s an hydrocolloids, it can be use as thickened for the product

Quick one, how do you confirm the efficacy of egg yolk powder. And what can be use to replace egg yolk powder