Low GI bread

Hi everyone!

Currently we are developing a low GI bread using whole wheat flour, Barley powder, chickpea powder and a very lower amount of corn flour. Our objective is to develop a low GI bread which possesses characteristics more closer to bread made of refined wheat flour. However, our expectations were not that much succeeded with the above ingredients. Do you have any suggestions to improve this low GI bread. And what is your point of view about adding wheat gluten as an ingredient.

Theekshana Vidyasekara
Sri Lanka

The moment you load the bread recipe with ballast like fibrous flour, legume flour, etc it will reduce its volume. affect also the texture and eating quality…
The inclusion of vital wheat gluten will certainly improve the bread in terms of volume and texture… It can also be improve by the addition of dough strengthening emulsifier like DATEM or SSL. The combination of gluten and emulsifiers had a synergistic effect in the dough improvement and bread quality.