Labelling of Jars before fillings of Jars during Powder filling

Dear Food professionals and students, what do you suggest if it is possible to have labelling of Jars before fillings of Jars during Powder filling? Looking forward to know your valuable inputs.

The norms is the jars are “naked”,( unlabelled) and labels are put after its filled and sealed…

Agreed. this is standard process using by most of organization, but what if we use labelling before do you think there would be any challenges or benefits on it?

Its a common sense question; if most manufacturers do the standard way, then they empirically find its the best way to do the job in a neat way…powders can get lodged in edges of paper abels .it will be added work just to removed those particles embedded in the label sides which will affect the label appearance and uniformity
In milk powder canning some are using cans with labels printed directly.on the container. IF bottles had printed labels on the surface, it might work.But paper labels are often used in jars ,it will look messy due the aforementioned fault .

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Thanks to relate it with common sense aspect, but not everyone is smart like you Roy.
what if labels are flagging off due to both heat of jars due to high speed line and powder augur speed and sensors are not working effectively to differentiate between heated jars and hot melt gum?

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That’s beg the question, why ask aboit impractical ideas…? Just for the sake that you had something "smart "to talk about.?
Is it not, you are unwittingly wasting other people’s time .?
Common sense answer, tells ,the empirical solution forr bottling j powder mixes on unprinted / unlabeled jars that was used for years that was seldom deviated…:neutral_face: