Is phosphate used in egg?

hi, pls suggest me,

is dicalcium phosphate is used in egg less sponge cake for more volume?

Not necessarily…Its about a balanced leavening system ,emulsifier and replacement.
What kind if emulsifiers are you using in INS number?
Further if you can relate the leavening composition might help in explaining the peculiarity

i use sodium bicarbonate,MCP,SALP

Whats the proportions.

Thats look nearly balanced with slight excess of SBC…Thats good enough .Why do you need to add DCPD?

more volume

Doesyour cake look flat or had rounded contour.?
Whats your batter specific gravity of your eggless cake, Does it contain fat or just plain fatless sponge?.
Do you find your cake dense or heavy…?
what emulsifiers are you using ? you want peaked center…but your recipe ,needs to be balanced first.
Whats your flour protein and ash content. Are you adding starches.?.whats your sugar / flout ratio?
Would you relate the INS or E number of your emulsifiers?

yes cake rise in peaked center,
flour protein .9.5
maize starch used
pharma suhar used
flour ratio is 43%
sugar ratio is 40 %

emulsifiers i used DMG ,PGE

The emulsifier blend is not ths best for eggless cake…
It does not provide the best volume and cake contour. inded itvtends to flatten So your flour starch blend is 43 and sugar is 40?
You are using pharma sugar or granular sugar…?

Pharma sugar

so which emulsifiers blend is best for egg less cake


Anyway if thats what you only have then …

but try first increasing the MCP to 0.05 to 0.1 % and check the cake symmetry.

if yiu want to try DCPD to make a sure peaked center .then try this ratio…SBC 1 2, SALP 1, DCPD 0.5, MCP 0.025 to 0.05.

Good luck.

Thank you so much

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my egg free chocolate cake sponge has crack on the surface ,n not sufficent volume
pls help me

ratio is
cocoa ratio is :2 percent

Post the complete recipe, and methods of preparation and baking conditions. your flour protein…

pharma sugar;42
emulsifier palsgurad:1.5
cocoa alkalised:2
maize starch:0.8
flour protein: 9 percente
n baking temp is :170 for 30 minute

is that mixed all in…whats the emulsifier composition…whats the batter gravity after mixing…,whats the wpc protein…whats the batter weignt per loaf pan.