Introduction of Moringa Mix Nut energy Bar

Today everyone is suffering from Nutritional deficiency or Imbalance nutrition and health problems like Diabeties,energy gap,high cholesterol, joint pain,fatique ,Skin and hair problems . Allopathic treatment and synthetic nutrition supplements are not working on these problems. So we need natural nutrition supplements.
By Considering it We are introducing MORINGA ENERGY BAR ( see photo)
Products description-
Texture- hard and crispy
Colour -brown Greenish
Size - 1 Pack 6x 7 cm ( approx) each pack containing 2 bar each of 3x 7 cm approx
(As it is Hand made weight and size and colour Texture may vary slightly batch wise)
Ingredients- Moringa leaves powder, Groundnut, flaxseed, sesame seed,Jaggary
One bar of 13 to 15 g contains approx 600 mg Moringa Leaves Powder So Eating a bar is much more than taking Moringa Capsule)
Self life - 3 Month in good storage conditions.
Top Benefits-
Malnutrition fighter, Best for Anaemic person,best for lactating and pregnant woman, ready to eat snacks No bake No fried, best for working youth and Travel snacks
HOW TO USE- Just open and eat to quench your thirst of unhealthy Junk food snacks .(After opening finish it immediately)


great product…best wishes

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Thanx…but any help to do marketing of it

Moringa powdrer had a bitter grassy off taste ,so you can’t add much .