Ice Cream with Treacle Ribbon

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I’m developing an ice cream with treacle ribbon within the product and I want to keep the treacle ribbon stabilized, without freezing and without settling to the bottom during storage. The shelf life of the product is one year.
What are the properties that should have in the treacle ?
Could someone help me

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Could you explain what’s a treacle ribbon is… Is it a stripe of treacle syrup flavored ice cream within the main ice cream with same consistency as the main ice cream. to create a “marbled” appearance.?

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It is a pure Treacle (Not treacle flavored ice cream, has not the same consistency as ice cream). I want to stabilize the treacle within the main ice cream as you can see in below picture

Your problem is the density of the treacle is heavier than the ice cream.You need to blend some ice cream to lighten it up so they will have nearly the same density. Or simply you mix two ice cream batch: The plain one and the treacle colored one.When you do it,the treacle when poured will not settle down but create a nice “marbled” appearance in the end product…
Btw as you will lighten up the treacle color and flavor when blended with the ice cream So you enhance the color and flavor ( if needed)…


Thank you very much for the reply. :slightly_smiling_face: :innocent:
Well understood the reason why treacle settles down to the bottom.
In our product range there is a product with strawberry ribbon ice cream with strawberry sauce. The density of the strawberry sauce also should be higher than the density of ice cream. The strawberry sauce is prepared with carageenan to get some thickness, likewise, can’t we add some stabilizer to increase the properties and then to stabilize?
And also, the density of a caramel sauce should be higher than the ice cream in the caramel ribbon ice cream (in the product shown below). Hope that there should be some method that can stabilize treacle within the ice cream :thinking:

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I don’t know the exact composition of your toppingi so its difficult to see how I can lighten it up …Maybe you need to put instant starch,or gum blend to firm it up, some emulsifier like polyglycerol esters ( ( triglycerol monostearate or sodium stearoyl 2 lactylate. ) to aerate it slightly during homogenization to ensure stable porous emulsion to lighten up its density…
Another way is to partially freeze the ice cream in bulk so that it will have a" body support a heavy colored /flavored ribbon.Then by coextrusuon you deposit the colored part with the already viscous partly frozen uncolored along with main ice cream into its unit container…This will ensure the heavier ribbon will not settle down.
Because if you just pump simultaneously a freshly aerated main ice cream with the fluid ribbon topping the heavier topping will certainly settle down.


Thank you so much for the reply.
I have started and doing some trials with stabilizers to check whether it is possible to stabilize within the ice cream. I have got some positive appearance with the treacle which was blend with some Gelatin. It remains in the ice cream as poured (still). And I’ll try with some gum blends too.
Ice cream is partially frozen when coming out the continuous freezer and when pouring to the tub, at the same time treacle ribbon is to be added through another nozzle. And that filling can not do in two steps.
I’ll try other suggestions too.
My sincere appreciation for your guidance

1 Like pleased to hear you got some ideas…Further
To prepare such denser topping the particle size of the dry mix should be fine and homogeneous with no lumps. I hope your treacle is lump free also as nonhomogeneity can contribute to setting of the ribbon.As I mentioned esrlirr you need a bodyjng agent like coldsoluble starch and gum to synergize its performance. …Then you disperse the particles you need to add vegetable oil or compatible fa and milk solids with or without an emulsifier that will bind the components together in a tight emulsion once prepared , pasteurized and homogenized .
Then it should be cooled to 4degrees C to ensure thickening before you co- deposit with your main ice your unit containers. Because
If you deposit a warm ribbon to your cold ice cream its certain to settle down regardless if it’s well formulated or not.

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Yes. its lump free and homogeneous. Treacle is stored in refrigerator at 4 deg C and when it incorporated, the temperature is maintained at 4 - 6 deg C.

I was tried with Gelatin, Xantham gum, guar gum and carageenan. So far the best results were given the treacle with gelatin.
Thank you so much for the guidance and will keep you all updated with the trial results.

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