I want to do my ms fst research there in turkey kindly guide me volunteers how i can do

Help me brothers and professors from turkey

I am also trying for this but i have not got anyone who can help me

Please am also interested in doing my masters in Turkey…Food Engineering to be precise.
Have started applying for scholarship already though still processing it

This would be my suggestion to the query posted under this section:
’ A question posted with i want to do research in food science’ will rarely get a reply. This is firstly because it shows that a homework has not been done from your end. Secondly food science is like an ocean of things. So what are you interested in, or the areas that your supervisor might have provided to you - few topic names, further phrase a proper question that is specific enough for an answer. I am sure you will definitely get answers. Do also take care to note that ‘time’ is the most valuable thing people spent for others. Hope that helps

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