How to use claims on the European portal to develop new products?

I am looking at a detailed explanation of how to use (health) claims for a specific ingredient when looking at developing a new product.
Where can I find the amount of ingredient (or active) needed to be able to use the claim on the packaging.

Dear colleague
The use of claims in food has a specific regulation in each country, you will have to check how it is in your country. The amount depends on the ingredient you want to use and the claims. The important thing is that the ingredient has a demonstrable physiological effect on the concentration or quantity that the food is consumed on a daily basis.

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Hi Daniel,
Many thanks for your reply. I agree with your answer and know about it.
Please let me specify my request; I forgot to specify that I want to use the europa portal, so european claims.

Basically, I want to understand where on the portal and for a specific ingredient and/or claim, I can find the amount of ingredient required to be incorporated in a formula so the specific claim selected can be used on the label.

I hope that this is clearer now.


I am from Argentina and I do not know the European legislation on functional foods.