How to reduce Browning of wax extracted from Banana leaves and peels

May you suggest the best way of extracting wax from banana leaves and peels without Browning. I want to use that extract to measure it’s natural preservative effect in unpasteurized juice. Browning may oxidize the polyphenols one of the antibacterial and antimicrobial compound In wax which it’s absence may reduce it’s preservative effect.
I hope u can help me the best method for extraction.

So you are not really interested in extracting banana wax but the polyphenol extract from banana leaves .
Then that should be your focus.
Plant waxes in pure form.are just esters of higher alcohols and fatty acids.
The web had references regarding banana polyphenols and the way to extract it.
For example you can check it in
https://peerj.com › preprintsPDF

To investigate the antimicrobial effects of extracted polyphenols from bananaleaves… - PeerJ

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Not sure why ‘extracted wax’ is expected to act as a natural preservative.
We studied the TPC and AO activity of the peel compared to few other peels. The extraction methods are quite standard procedures by using alcohols, followed by DPPH method for AO determination.