How to produce pomegranate concentrate from raw fruit

How to produce pomegranate juice concentrate from raw fruit.

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A molecular gastronomy technique known as "Freeze Concentrations “recently become popular where a liquid is concentrated by freezing and removing the ice” which work nicely with heat sensitive liquids with delicate flavors like some fruit juices to ensure the conservation of flavor…
Please dig more info about that interesting process…
I think will certainly work with your pomegranate juice…


Hi sir,
The process flow follows as below:
Pomegranate>sorting (sorter)>removal of peel (peeling machine)>removal of seed from arils (desseding machine)>juice extraction (extractor)>pasteurization (pasteurier)>concentration (evaporator)>filling (filling machine)>pomegranate concentrate (TSS-Min 10%, Aciditty-3.5 expressed as citric acid according to FSSAI).

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