How to make extract?

I have to make extracts of grape seed and guava residues. I have seen different extraction techniques but berely understand any. Can someone guide me that how can I make grape seed extract and guava residue extract (includes; guava peel, pomace, seeds)

Can give more details. What is the purpose of the extract?
this will help to provide more related answers.
Also the terminology is quite confusing, one is seed and other one is called ‘residue’ extract. What is the difference or why is there a difference between these two?


I am a researcher at University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Grape seeds are rich in polyphenols and guava waste/residues generated by juice plants are also possessing great antioxidant activities.
Basically, I am adding these extracts in chicken patties and studying the effect on Quality and Shelf life of patties by accessing their TBARS, TVBN, Color, Texture, pH, Total phenolic content, DPPH, Total plate count etc.

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Hi @AdilMehmood, I have tried extraction process (in freeze dried berries) for the same purpose, to get concentrated extracts. Assuming the process is quite similar, the basic steps are as follow:

if your sample is already dried, you can start soaking it in a solvent used in literature.
You then filter this mixture and repeat the soaking process for 2-3 times. What you will be getting is a very diluted solution of polyphenols. What you can do to remove the solvent is by using rotary evaporators.

If you already have a method, maybe you can share it with us and let’s talk about the parts you don’t fully understand.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


yes very interesting and good approach of study.
Any item other than chicken patties that you may wish to try (so as to avoid any AO degradation at high temperature frying etc) would be good too.

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