How to get plasticity texture on Vegan butter?

Hi everyone!

I am trying to make a vegan butter with coconut oil as the base, and I found that as the butter emulsion crystalizes and stays in the cold temperature, it will turn rock solid instead of soft and spreadable (like margarine plasticity texture).

I have a stable emulsion in my system, so I am guessing that it has to do with the crystallization process of the fat. Does anyone know how the margarine crystallizer works to make that plastic texture? can I apply the same process to my vegan butter? or is there any suggestion for a better way to crystalize my vegan butteremulsion better?

Margarine is an emulsion of vegetable oil, hard far, milk, lecithin, water and salt.
It is then plasticized in a sort of a chilled scraped surface to simulate crystallization. The machine is commonly called a Votator .
You can simulate that in a home ice cream machine
You want tool at a practical large scale or Industrial method Then read books of fats and oils processing in particular margarine production.
The web also had numerous articles about Margarine processing.

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