How to Extract Colour form nature Source

How to Extract Colour form nature Source?


What does mean nature source? any fruit or vegetable? Give us more details please?

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It depends on the sample from where u going to extract the colours.

I am Talking about natural Colours. Like chlorophyll form spinach and Carotinoid from Annato Seeds.
I wanted to Extract colour from that and use in food.

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On this regarding u may use different solvents for the extraction of pigments from natural sources. u should go with different ratio of different solvents and also do a numerous trials on methods of extraction. Finally u may interpret the results and also u may fix the proper way of extraction i.e. based on yield …

You can use ethanol or acetone to extract chlorophyll from leaves and Bixin from.annatto seeds.Simple soaking the leaves and ground annatto will transfer the colors to the solvent

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You can also extract using more advanced techniques using Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE), Presurrised Liquid Extraction (PLE) or Ultrasonic Assisted Extraction (UAE).


Natural colours can be extracted from any fruit or vegetables. Let see with example. if you want to use yellow, then the best option will be use of turmeric powder in case in India. Chemical compound responsible for yellow colour of turmeric is “curcumin”. Hence, you can extract the curcumin from turmeric using various methods used in literature. Or else you can get natural colours from market, it is available with it’s high price range.

I made my first natural food color agent by using spinach as my main ingredient. Firstly, I did Blanching process just to stop enzymatic action. The main reason I choosed spinach for its good health benefits. However, I failed to remember that protein denaturation :joy::sweat_smile: So, I suggest you to do more research before initialling your process.

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I tried to extract colour from spinach by solvent and by boiling and make concentrate but best results get in solvent.

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