How can we increase shelf life of dried fish for commercialisation?

How can we increase the shelf life of dried fish? Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

The main problem with dried fish is in the tropics …due to high humidity specially during monsoon season.,dried fish are easily attacked by fungus .Then the immediate solution should be a good packaging system to ensure that contamination is prevented from.a properly dried product.Semi dried and high moisture dried fish are also susceptible to microbial attack.
Semi dried product should be packed hermetically sealed packaging that is not light transmissible.,to prevent photochemical induced fat rancidity.
I had seen that some well packaged dried fish sold in good supermarkets can last to a year.but the poor packaged ones just a few months .So there you go…


Is there any preservative available to increase the shelf life of this salt dried fish…other than using vacuum packing ???

For an initial investor it would cost much to use a vacuum packing machine!!

Aside from.salt AFAIK there is no other preservatives legally permitted for dried fish …

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Thank you!!