High protein - sugar less cake study

Dears i am working on high protein and sugar free industrial cake , can anyone advice or share his experinces ?

Can you describe in detail your project as high protein -sugar free cake is not common in commercial and industrial cake processing.?Traditional and modern cake base is based on flour starch never in flour protein.but only supported by the dairy and egg protein complemented by fats ,raised by both physical.and chemical leavening to attain the desired structure and texture.

Yes Roy

this product will be GMO free , high protein content , sugar free and palm oil free .

So i will use isomalt instead of sucrose , milk whey concantrate as source of protein and sunflower oil to support emulsion media .

there is increment on those products in market especially in health category .

Fatih ,that’s an ambitious project you got there. To me it’s not that simple.to formulate such kind of cake.due to the many restrictions.
.So to prepare your mind for that project
I have some questions to ask:
1…Are you familiar with normal bakery cake formulation and processing. do you had some practical baking experience specially with cakes?
2.Cake Formula balancing…do you know how to balance the ingredients with each other so as to get the desired baking performance.?
3.Do you have a basic understanding of the functions of each cake ingredient and its interactions in the cake batter.?
4.Are you familiar with peculiarities of sugar vs isomalt? As well as whey proteins its varieties and impact in cakes.?
5.Are you familiar with the peculiarities of fats and what is suited for a particular cake.?
Often in specialty baking
Direct ingredients substitution is not so simple as there are performance peculiarities unique to a certain ingredient as well as to the particular cake type .
If the answer to all these questions are affirmative then you are Certain to succeed in the project.
please keep in.mind
It’s not easy to provide suggestions if the developer are not very familiar with the fundamentals of the product they are trying to fabricate…

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Hi Fatih,

Did you try polydextrose or inulin instead of sucrose. Polydextrose contains high fiber and you can use it for sugar free products.

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Hi Fatih, If you had a specific question related to your project please try to inquire, hoping that its within the scope of of my knowledge and experience…It will also encourage other members to chip in if they are familiar with it.