GAB Equation | Moisture Sorption Isotherm Modeling

Get to know how to use the Guggenheim-Anderson-de Boer (GAB) Equation for modeling of moisture sorption isotherms!

The GAB Equation is suitable for modeling many food materials in a wide water activity range. Unlike BET, the workable range for the GAB model is from zero to 0.9.

This is recommended by the European Project Group COST90 for the mathematical estimation of moisture content.

I personally studied this lesson in my graduate class and I had a hard time learning this. I created this video so that you can easily learn how to calculate this equation. We’ll have a sample computation in this video.

I’ve included the .xlsx file that I used in this video so that you can also learn this quickly.


Tanks for information with the explanation I got from de video pls I wan more of Gab equation

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Hi Pato! What do you want to learn more about GAB?


Sure, we want to learn it more.