Fish processing technology

Hello Folks, whoever has been to the Fish processing industry, Kindly may I get any related Processing Technology methodologies, steps, and production sequence?. Definitely from hand to fork.

Sorry, from farm to fork*

Unless its farmed fishery products; It might be appropriate to call in general,from fisherman to fork…?:wink:…Globally lots of Acquatic and marine fish are caught in the wild than those farmed…There are also rejoinder about farmed fish as its loaded with intentional contaminants like pesticides,hormones etc.The very reason I stopped eating farmed fishery products.

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Are you heat treating in the end with the view of canning? In our country South Africa the Pilchards industry is overseen by Government due to the potential of food poisoning, but basic process, is steaming or blanching catch , cut head and tail under blanch conditions , salt water brine with tomato sauce, homogenized for Brix consistency and pumped into can with Pilchards, can sealed and then retorted. Batch release after quality checks by scientific institution accepted by government.