Dry ginger and chilly powder

I am doing research on phytic and antioxidant property of try ginger and chill powder .
would help providing the knowledge about is as some reference file as pdf

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As a researcher you should have initiative to find the information you want.
Don’t wait for it, the web had many articles about nutrients and other phytochemicals in ginger and chili …You just have to exert enough effort to find it and not wait for it proverbially "served on a plate! " …

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what reference do you exactly wish to have? Do you have papers on methods for AO, phytic acid etc…Lots of those are freely available as well on google or even through your sciencedirect access from library. But if you need a very specific paper , do write as well, could help.
Update us on your research as well, as to what you found, something different/interesting , do share with us.

Kalsec has done some white papers on chilli extracts and antioxidants.

They could be a general first read.