Disruption of bone and milk

Is it true that milk does bone disruption?

Please read this up to be enlightened ā€¦

Would be good to know why it is quoted as bone ā€˜disruptionā€™.?

Did you read the linked paperā€¦?

then i am curious to know why was that article from ā€˜Healthlineā€™ alone quoted? and why ā€˜Healthlineā€™?

Why would it matter to youā€¦?It seems IYou are not looking for answers to questions but argumentsā€¦:smiley:
I selected it as its appropriate for the OP who seems at a loss about his questionā€¦He seems confused, hence an article that can be absorbed by a layman is what deems fit to himā€¦

because the healthline was only quoting mixed details

The judgement is validā€¦as there is indeed mixed results ,it does not confirm or deny that it causes bone disruption but attributed to the difference in the action of casein and whey proteins to that particular mineralā€¦So even from.Webmed the results are inconclusive ā€¦As it both produce beneficial and detrimental results which seems to be attributed to the quantity of dairy products consumedā€¦

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